Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Programs, Recitals and a Kitty...oh my!

The school year quickly went by.  Taylor finished his freshman year with a 4.0 and Parker finished his first year of junior high with a 4.0 as well! Mason finished up his 4th grade year with excellent E's and Emma had high marks her first year of school as a Kindergartner! We are proud parents! They work so hard and are so intelligent! It's always so fun to watch the end of year programs that the elementary school kids get to do. We are lucky that they have such great teachers!

                                          Mason and Mrs. Cropper

At the end of May, we also get to watch Emma's dance recital!  She has grown quite a bit as a dancer/performer.  You can clearly see that she has more confidence and is loving what she does. We keep asking her if she would like to try sports or something else, but no...she just wants to DANCE! That's my girl!

While we were at the ballpark my kids saw someone giving away free kittens.  Well, I am not a lover of  cats, however, my kids have been begging me for a pet (mostly a dog) and I kept telling them we were not home enough for a dog and it wasn't fair to the poor animal.  Dogs require A LOT of attention and in my opinion are worse than a new baby! Anyway, I never had pets growing up and I always want to do things different than my parents so....a new kitty was the compromise (since they are a lot less maintenance than a dog)! He is a cute little kitty though. But he is in the house more than I would like him to be!


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